Naan and reflection

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As I sit here tonight typing up this blog on my latest bread creation, I can’t help but reflect on the misnomer my blog name has become. Baking, it seems, is more my true calling than cooking ever was. I … Continue reading

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Matar Paneer

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I have a soft spot for Indian food. I always thought making good Indian food would be difficult, but a very good Indian cookbook goes a long way. I received From Mom with love… by Pushpa Bhargava as a gift … Continue reading

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Cucumber Omelette of Doom

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When I got home tonight, I decided I wanted to cook something. After eating some delicious artisan bread that I got at the grocery store (one day, I will make bread!) and cheese, I decided I needed something with a … Continue reading

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Who would have known?

I certainly didn’t know. When I was young, I didn’t really pay much mind to cooking or baking at all.  My renaissance of cooking is a recent phenomenon.  I became a vegetarian at a young age, just about when I figured out where meat came from.  I had never really been a big meat eater to begin with, as the texture was something I inherently disliked.  Through the  years, I had become accustomed to  the bland nature of the vegetarian diet, at least with my limited exposure to food.  But then, I discovered the brilliant use of spices in foods of other cultures.  Vegetarian food didn’t have to be bland and boring, it could be exciting and delicious!  This blog is devoted to my experimentation in cooking and baking, as well as any other random thoughts I think should be thrown in for good measure. Thanks for reading!

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